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Summary Statistics

To facilitate medical research, the WTCCC aims to make the data generated in the study openly available. It is anticipated that data will be used by others for developing new analytical methods, in understanding patterns of genetic variation and in guiding selection of markers to map genes involved in specific diseases.

It has come to the attention of the WTCCC that recent developments in genetics may make it possible to infer statistically whether an individual's genomic information is present in aggregated publicly accessible data from GWAS, such as the summary data made available by the Consortium (see Homer N et al, PLoS Genet. 2008 Aug 29;4(8):e1000167).

We believe that the risks of misuse of GWAS summary data and the identification of individuals involved in the studies are minimal. However, in the interests of volunteer and patient confidentiality, we have decided to restrict access to the data temporarily whilst we investigate ways of ensuring that the information is secure.

If you would like to obtain access to the summary data generated by the WTCCC, please email: cdac@sanger.ac.uk

Access to the individual-level genotype data remains available to investigators by application to the Consortium Data Access Committee (see Data Access).